Case Eligibility To Hire An Auto Accident Attorney In Chicago


Need an auto accident attorney in Chicago, or thinking about whether you might need to consider one? This is a very wise thing to do and your car accident lawyer can be an extraordinarily valuable help to you at this time. Today we will discuss the important things you might need to qualify in order to enter into a partnership with an auto accident attorney in Chicago, Northbrook, Glenview, or Arlington Heights. Case Eligibility: Which Auto Accident Situations Are Eligible for This Type of Legal Representation? Auto accident legal representation is not automatic and is evaluated in each individual situation. If you were in a car accident you need to have the following things present in order to get representation in most cases: -You need to have personally sustained an injury. The injury is usually a physical one but some auto accident lawyers will also take on cases in which the injury was an emotional or a mental one as well. This essentially means that if the car was the only damage that happened, the case is generally not the type of thing that an auto accident lawyer works with. -You need to be the victim in the accident to some degree. In most accidents there will be some amount of contention regarding fault but if you are able to say that you were less than 50 percent at fault you may have a case. Basically, if the other party was 51 percent or more at fault, the state of Illinois has a "51% Proportional Comparative Fault" law that will allow you to be compensated for your injuries up to the percentage that the other party was responsible as long as that other party is predominantly at fault. Even in a situation where you perfectly observed all rules of the road and did absolutely nothing wrong technically speaking, the way that you responded to the other driver's error could even be perceived as partial fault. This is what is legally referred to as contributory negligence, and believe it or not it is almost always present to some degree and it won't hurt your case nearly as much as you may fear. This means that even if you are partly responsible you can still mount a very strong case with the help of your auto accident attorney in Chicago, and you can be properly paid back for being hurt. -Some kind of accident documentation will be required. This documentation can vary in type but it is important that your auto accident attorney in Chicago is able to get the details about how the accident happened so that a strong case can be built for you. Usually a police report is essential. Anytime you are in accident you should always call the police right away so that they can generate a report with accident details and statements from all involved parties, as well as any witness statements that are available. In the event that a vehicle accident report was not done by the police, for whatever reason, be sure to contact a personal injury lawyer immediately after the accident. Often, some evidence from the accident is still present at the scene and skilled investigators can obtain this to help make your case. Helping Your Auto Injury Lawyer: What You Will Need to Do Part of the outcome of your auto injury case will rely on you. You and your attorney really do work as partners here, so you will just need to do your utmost to cooperate so you can reap the benefits of your lawyer's extensive auto accident law knowledge. Keeping your lawyer updated on your medical status is imperative. Usually, the lawyer will be in contact with your medical care providers anyway but you may need to bring in receipts for doctor visits, hospital bills, and receipts for any prescription medicine that you buy. It is also essential that you let your lawyer know about any and all contact that you have with the other party involved in the accident, or with the insurance provider for the other party in the accident. Visit Law Office Of Daniel E Goodman for more information.



18 December 2013

Getting Legal Help When You Need It Most

I have never been someone who likes the idea of suing another person, but after my family was plowed into by a drunk driver with no regard for the law, my tune changed. I realized that I needed to do what I could in order to make things right, so I started looking for a lawyer who could help me to fight for the settlement I deserved. It took a few months in court, but by the time I won my settlement, I felt a lot better about things. This blog is all about getting the legal help you need when you need it the most.