School Drop-Off Zones: Car Accidents, Injuries, and Your Right To Compensation


More and more children are getting dropped off by their parents instead of riding the school bus. This is why many schools have a designated drop-off area for vehicles driven by parents. While these areas try to stay as organized as possible, there are many hazards and dangers that can occur. If you're involved in an accident at a school drop-off zone, there may be a lot of factors to consider for a personal injury case. When parents of other children in your school are involved, it can get complicated, so it's important to understand your rights and get the legal help you deserve. By learning about these various factors, you can handle situations better and avoid common mistakes that car accident victims make.

At-Fault Drivers

When an accident occurs in a school drop-off zone, one of the main reasons that it occurs is because of impatient drivers. Parents in a rush to drop off their kid may speed up too fast to the lot, try to cut around the line, or not brake in time and cause a rear-end collision. As long you were following the drop-off rules in the lot, you will not be held at fault for the injuries that are sustained. At the scene of the accident, it's important to exchange information, but not much else at the time. Do not accept any type of payment or settlement that could impact your settlement in the future. You should seek witness statements from other drivers so that you have extra proof of the accident and the person who is at fault.

School Negligence

Some accidents at school drop-off zones may have been avoided if the school's lot system was set up better. Poorly painted lines, a lack of signs, or improper care of the parking lot during winter months are just a few reasons that an accident can occur. If you've been involved in a crash in the lot, it's important to contact an auto accident attorney to understand your options. An attorney can determine which parties to include in the settlement case and possibly hold the school liable for negligence. It's also a good idea to look into any previous accidents that may have occurred in these lots. This will showcase the school's failure to make proper changes to the lot procedures.

Low Speed Injuries

A lot of times, accidents at drop-off zones will occur at very low speeds. When this is the case, people assume that injuries do not occur, but that is not always the case. Multiple studies of other accidents have showcased that low speed accidents can cause all types of injuries including whiplash and lower back injuries. This is why it's important to get treated for any type of pain that you may be going through. A lawyer can use medical evidence to help prove your injury claim and get you the proper settlement for the case. Getting treated by a doctor is an ideal way to compare your physical after the accident to any recent physicals that you may have had.

Extra Evidence

Along with witness statements, any form of extra evidence can go a long way in proving your case. A lot of schools will feature surveillance footage that showcases the whole parking lot. A lawyer can help obtain this footage to show the accident as clear as day. This will make a huge difference in proving your case and showcasing the guilty party. It may also help move your case forward at a much faster rate than if there was no other video evidence.

Lawyers can provide you with the guidance and steps to move forward with your case. Check out a law firm like Bangel, Bangel, & Bangel to schedule a consultation with an attorney.


19 January 2017

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