Personal Injury - What To Do When Your Child Is Bit By A Neighbor's Dog


Many hospitals refer to the summer months as the trauma season. Everyone has been cooped up in the house for months. This results in adults and children spending more time outside. With more people outside, it creates the perfect situation for someone to be injured, such as getting bit by a dog.

Hospital emergency rooms have thousands of visits from patients with dog bites, especially in the summer months. Read on to find out what to do when your child is bit by a neighbor's dog.

Dial 911

As a parent, you are concerned about your child's wellbeing and want to make sure he or she is safe. You should call 911 when your child is bit by a neighborhood dog. It is important to not skip out on medical attention. Even a small injury should get looked at by a doctor. A small scratch can lead to rabies and infection.

You also must look at this from a legal perspective. Getting a police report provides a record of the incident. An emergency room documents that your child had an injury as well.

Find Out The Owner Of the Dog

If you child was attacked by a neighborhood dog, then it should be easy to find out the owner. You need to tell your neighbor that your child was bit by his or her dog. Your neighbor should also know that your child was taken to get medical attention.

Homeowners insurance covers incidents like dog bites. You want to ask your neighbor for their policy number, name, and contact information of their homeowners' insurance company.

File A Complaint With Animal Control

It is important to file a complaint with your local animal control department. You need to make sure animal control takes the proper measures to quarantine the dog and to prevent anyone else from getting bit. Getting animal control involved also verifies when the attack occurred and the nature of the bite.

Contact A Lawyer

You are going to incur medical bills from your child receiving medical treatment. A dog attack also affects your child emotionally. It can be a very traumatic experience. Some children become afraid of dogs and do not want to be around them. It helps to contact an injury lawyer when this incident occurs.

A lawyer can help you with filing a personal injury lawsuit. You will have to prove your case to get compensated for pain and suffering. It helps to have a lawyer in the beginning stages. Your lawyer can tell you what steps to take and help with gathering evidence.

Talk with a local lawyer or click here for more info about dog bites and other injuries.


22 March 2017

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