What Should You Be Doing After An Auto Accident?


Pain after an auto accident is just one of the things you may be dealing with as you wait for your claim to be resolved. You might wonder if waiting is the only thing you can do; if you're up to it, you should also consider the following actions to strengthen your case.

Seeing a Doctor

Cuts or scrapes on your arms or legs can hurt, but you might not think they are so terrible that a doctor needs to look at them. However, even if that is the case, it's vital for your legal claim that you have a medical professional assess and record your injuries. A good physician may also diagnose additional health issues that you weren't aware of; for instance, you may have symptoms of a concussion without realizing it at first. See a doctor to be sure.

Getting Site Pictures

There may be various collision site issues that you plan to use to bolster your case. For instance, on the night in question, trees or bushes could have been hiding a road sign. Construction barriers or cones may have been factors that affected what happened. If that's the case, be aware that changes could take place which then make it more difficult to prove what you're saying is the truth. Tree branches could be trimmed or construction could end so the road is clear. Because of that, you might want to venture to the scene and take pictures of what the current conditions are. If you're unable to, ask your lawyer if pictures like that will help your case.

Writing Down Details

You may not be able to forget about what happened on the day of the auto accident. That is, you may not think you can. In actuality, it is not uncommon to forget various pieces of information. Losing memories might trip you up in court or make it harder to prove your claims. Retain information by writing down things like:

  • Where you were going
  • Behavior and statements of the other driver after the collision
  • Whether you had the radio on
  • What traffic was like

Once you've exhausted your memory, type a copy of these details into a word processor and give your lawyer a good copy. Your attorney may then ask you additional inquiries to flesh out the details you've provided.

This information can help as you wait to have your claim resolved. When you next meet with an auto accident lawyer like The Jaklitsch Law Group, talk to them about the issues here so your case is as strong as it can be.


7 April 2017

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