Resorting To Pool Problems


Most people really need their vacations after working hard for months, and it's only natural to expect to return home from your stay at a resort better off than when you left. In some cases, however, you may end up encountering some very unpleasant surprises during your vacation. Read on to learn more about the dangers that could be lurking around the hotel pool that could ruin your vacation and could possibly be even worse.

A Dangerous Chemical

To help keep the pool water clean and sparkling, the use of chlorine is necessary. This chemical can be dangerous, but when used correctly it is relatively safe. It can come in the form of powder, liquid or tablets and it works amazingly well at killing bacteria in the pool water. If not used safely, however, this chemical can cause everything from sickness to death. In most cases, hotel guests have no idea how well-trained the employees who manage the upkeep of the pool are, and a mistake here could cause widespread problems for both pool users and those in the general area of the pool.

Illnesses Caused by Chlorine

If not used correctly, chlorine can form a cloud over and around the pool area. This vapor is invisible and can cause dangerous reactions if it's inhaled. Additionally, pool water that has been overly-chlorinated can cause pool goers to have numerous physical ailments, such as eye and skin irritations. If this over-chlorinated pool water is swallowed, it can cause several gastrointestinal problems.

A Deadly Chemical

Many people think of chlorine as bleach, just like the stuff you add to the washer to clean your whites. Assuming this is a huge mistake; chlorine can kill and has even been used as a chemical weapon. This misconception about chlorine could lead pool users to just assume that all is well, since you expect to smell it near a pool and may not realize that something is amiss until it's too late.

Symptoms of Chlorine Poisoning

  • Burning and itching of the skin, eyes, and throat
  • Nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea
  • Skin blistering
  • Shortness of breath
  • Chest pains
  • Permanent lung damage, which could lead to death

Take Action

You have the right, and every expectation, to use a pool and not get hurt from the inappropriate use of this dangerous chemical. If you or a family member has had some negative experiences using a pool, contact a personal injury attorney at once. You may be entitled to several different forms of compensation as a result of your injuries, so take action quickly.

Contact a local injury lawyer for more information and assistance. 


2 October 2017

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