Do You Have To Go To An MD To Get Compensated For Accident Injuries?


A common misconception is that a person who's been involved in a vehicle accident must have their injuries diagnosed by a Doctor of Medicine (MD) before their claims will be approved by the insurance company or paid for by the liable party. This is not true. You can see any healthcare professional you trust to adequately treat your condition and provide you with the highest chance of recovery. However, there are a couple of things you want to keep in mind when choosing to receive treatment from an alternative medical practitioner, such as:

The Insurance Company May Pay You Less

Although you are free to seek treatment for your injuries by the healthcare professional you prefer, the insurance company may pay you less than you're owed for your medical costs. The primary reason is that alternative healthcare practitioners, such as acupuncturists and naturopathic doctors, are not considered as credible as more traditional healthcare providers and specialists. Because of this, the adjuster may question the validity of your injuries and the costs associated with it.

In many cases, the adjuster handling your insurance claim will require you to undergo an independent medical examination (IME) because he or she doesn't trust the word of your healthcare provider. This can be problematic because the insurance company will choose the medical professional who may be biased in the company's favor. As a result, the doctor may say your injuries aren't as serious as they seem and the insurance company will use that as an excuse to pay your less or nothing at all for your medical care.

Even though you trust your healthcare provider, you may need to see a regular physician who can provide a second opinion to counter a damaging report issued by the independent medical examiner.

The Insurance Company May Dispute Your Treatment Requirements

Since insurance companies look down on alternative medicine practitioners, the adjuster is more likely to dispute your treatment plan. The person may counter that the treatments you're undergoing aren't medically necessary or take longer than needed to fix your condition. Using either of these excuses, the adjuster may then attempt to pay you less money for your medical expenses or get out of approving payment for long-term or expensive treatments.

It's important to remember the adjuster is not a medical professional and, thus, can't speak authoritatively on what you may or may not need. However, it may be necessary to back up your healthcare providers recommendations with supplemental documentation, such as reports from other medical professionals recommending the same treatment or studies indicating your course of treatment is effective.

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22 November 2017

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