Signs Your Child Is Being Bullied, And Who You Can Sue


Did you know that bullying can trigger personal injury claims? Yes, if your child is injured by a bully, you have a right to pursue personal injury damages against the liable party. Here are some of the parties that may be responsible for the damages if the bullying occurred in school:

The Child Has Unexplained Injuries

Most kids don't like to acknowledge it when they are getting bullied; they may be embarrassed or fear retaliation from the bullies. Therefore, even if your child hasn't said it, you should suspect that they are getting bullied if they have unexplained injuries such as bumps, scratches or bruises. Not that bullying is not synonymous with beating. A child can be bullied in other ways; for example, they may be forced to eat dirty or dangerous things. That is why you should also be suspicious if the child is constantly getting sick without obvious causes of the sickness.

The Child Doesn't Enjoy School Like Before

Put yourself in your child's shoes, would you enjoy going to school if you were constantly getting bullied there? Therefore, if your child has started coming up with excuses for not going to school, there may be a problem at school, and the problem may be bullying. This is even more likely if the child used to love going to school before.

The Child's Performance is Declining

Bullying distracts children's attention; there is no way a child will concentrate on their studies if they are constantly thinking of bullying or watching out for bullies. Therefore, if your child's grades have been on the decline without any other explanation, then you should investigate if the child is being bullied.

The Child Doesn't Enjoy Quality Sleep

Bullying can affect your child's sleep quality in several ways. For example, the physical injuries or diseases can prevent the child from enjoying their sleep. The constant worrying and stress can also affect the child's sleep. In some cases, the child can also experience scary dreams and nightmares as a result of the bullying. Therefore, bullying should be one of the suspects if your child isn't sleeping as well as they used to do.

These signs don't necessarily mean that the child is definitely being bullied, but they are cause for further investigation. If you have confirmed that the child is being bullied at school, you should get them appropriate treatment and then see if there is anyone you can hold responsible for the child's injuries.

Here are some of the parties who may be liable for your child's bullying injuries:

  • The school for not doing enough to prevent bullying on school grounds
  • The teacher (or any other school staff) who was in charge of the students at the time of the bullying
  • The child who participated in the actual bullying
  • The parents of the children who participated in the actual bullying


23 January 2018

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