When Summertime Water Fun Goes Awry And What To Do About It


It is summer, and you may have already gone out on the water once in a boat or spent an hour diving off a floating dock to swim. However, there are some people that tend to take summer fun on the water a little too far. Despite the establishment of laws on driving boats while intoxicated, it does not seem to reduce the number of watercraft accidents. If you, or someone close to you, is in an accident on the water, you should consult a watercraft accident lawyer right away.  Here are just a few of the typical cases these lawyers handle.

Drinking and Driving Boats

Laws had to be established for drinking while driving boats because far too many people were getting killed when a drunk boat driver would crash into everything from other boaters to water skiers to jet skiers. Since it was rather obvious that expectations for driving on land had to be obeyed, it became necessary to establish similar laws on the waterways. Still, fifteen percent of all boating deaths each year are directly tied to the consumption of alcohol. If the violators survive these accidents, they are fined and may serve jail time. If your family member(s) was a victim in such an accident, you can sue the drunk boater.

Speed Boats Hitting Swimmers and Capsizing Other Boats

Speed boating is fun. So is water skiing behind a speed boat. However, both the water skiers and the speed boat drivers need to be held responsible when they hit swimmers and/or when the waves that these speed boats create capsize other boats on the water. This is dangerous, since knocks to the head in the water can cause swimmers to drown, and the capsized boats can leave other boaters stuck in the water with no way to shore and potentially causing drowning. On the ocean, capsizing other boats can lead to ocean predator attacks. If anything untoward happens to someone in these situations, the water skiers and the speed boaters can, and should, be held accountable under the law.

Jet Ski Crashes

If you do not know how to use a jet ski, and you do not know how to drive one and stop it, do not get on a jet ski. This is a standing rule for shoreline businesses that rent jet skis to tourists. Dozens of people ignore these warnings and just get on a jet ski without learning how to use one. They are neglectful of safety rules, and it often causes injury and death to others.   

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22 July 2018

Getting Legal Help When You Need It Most

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