How Personal Injury Attorneys Recommend Responding To Severe Auto Collisions


Auto accidents are extremely stressful to deal with, especially when you did nothing wrong. If you're in this situation and significant injuries resulted, you'll want to respond by utilizing the following legal advice from personal injury attorneys. 

File an Accident Report 

So that this entire auto collision goes in the books, you need to make an official report with the police. This report shows that the accident is real and documents what happened, which you'll need when pursuing legal action against the driver who hit you.

When making this police report, be as thorough as you can. Explain where you were and what you were doing when the collision occurred. Make sure you don't admit any type of guilt when giving this report, as this will hurt your personal injury claim. If there are witnesses who saw the accident, you should get them to make a statement to the arriving officer as well.

Be Cautious When Talking to Insurance Companies

Another party that's important to keep in mind after an auto collision is the guilty driver's insurance company. They'll contact you shortly after the accident, and it's absolutely essential to be careful with what you say.

Under no circumstances should you admit guilt when talking to an insurance agent. Only give concise facts that show your innocence. If you're worried about being pressured into saying the wrong thing, you can always prepare a formal statement. Then when an agent calls to process what happened, you can respond confidently.

Document Your Injuries 

To receive a fair compensation amount for the damages you suffered because of the auto accident, you need to document your injuries. This won't be that difficult as long as you inform your physician about your intentions of pursuing a personal injury claim.

They can then compile all of the necessary forms showing what injuries you sustained and the medical treatments you received. They'll also provide receipts for the medical bills that occurred during this stressful time. Having these medical documents is paramount for showing how severe the accident was and maximizing your compensation amount.

Just because you're involved in a severe auto accident that left you badly injured, doesn't mean you can't move on. You certainly can -- especially from a legal standpoint -- by following the right protocol and taking this situation seriously. If at any point you're struggling, you can always consult with experienced personal injury attorney services for additional legal advice. 


23 January 2019

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