Kitchen Appliance Injuries 101


It's no surprise, with as hectic and busy as life is, that the kitchen appliances that tout convenience and speed have become popular in recent years. Pressure cookers were commonly used in years past to preserve food in glass jars. Now, their "instant" modern-day counterparts are used by families everywhere to quickly pressure cook roasts and other foods in far less time than conventional cooking methods would take to prepare them. Unfortunately, some brands and models of these instant pressure cookers have proven to have design flaws which cause them to malfunction. They have even caused serious injuries. Here is what you should know to avoid injury and what to do if you have been injured.

Follow The Directions

Whether it is a pressure cooker, coffee maker, a toaster or any other type of kitchen appliance or gadget, the product should function and work as promised. The manufacturer should supply a detailed user's manual on how to operate the appliance properly. It should also provide an illustrated list of the various components that make up the product. Instructions for how to clean the product should be included in the user's manual as well. The text should be carefully edited for clarity; the instructions need to be completely clear, with no room for confusion or misunderstanding.

As the consumer, you should read the appliance user manual the manufacturer supplies and follow the directions and recommendations contained within. Never use a product in a way that isn't approved by the manufacturer. Don't make "improvements" or after-market adjustments to the product. This is your best bet against avoiding injury. However, if the product is defective or the instructions are unclear and confusing, no matter how diligent the consumer is, injuries may still happen.

Can A Company Be Held Liable If A Customer Is Injured By Their Product?

Kitchen appliances are no different than any other product in the marketplace that causes an injury. The manufacturer has a legal and moral obligation to ensure their customers aren't injured by their products. If a consumer has been injured by a company's kitchen appliance or gadget, and they can prove they were using the product correctly or as instructed to in the user's manual, they are certainly within their legal rights to expect the company to remedy the situation.

For example, defective pressure cookers can explode and cause severe injuries to anyone in close proximity, including second- and third-degree burns. If you or a loved one has been injured by a pressure cooker or another appliance, be sure to contact a pressure cooker injury attorney to discuss your potential case.


6 March 2019

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