Differences Between Wrongful Death And Survival Actions


When a loved one passes away and you are trying to decide which actions are the best to take next, you might find yourself confused about the difference between wrongful death and survival actions. If you are not sure which of these actions you should take, it's a good idea to speak with a wrongful death lawyer. Wrongful Death Vs. Survival Actions Wrongful death is a situation in which an individual passes away due to the negligence of another.

12 January 2021

Understanding The Fundamentals Of First Refusal Rights


Going into business means learning a lot of new and different terminologies. One of the most challenging things for many business owners is understanding business transaction law. While no business owner is going to be able to understand all of the details, there are some things that you should make a point to understand. For example, the right of first refusal is important. Here's what you need to know about the right of first refusal and your business contracts.

17 December 2019

Fall Driving Tips to Avoid an Accident


Auto accidents can happen at any time of year, but the arrival of fall or autumn can bring some unique situations that could lead to a bad situation if you are not prepared. Here are some driving tips to keep in mind this fall in order to keep yourself safe on the road. Keep Your Distance During Heavy Fog The cool air of fall can sometimes lead to fog in the morning, and this could lead to low visibility if the fog is heavy.

10 October 2019

Seeking Compensation From An Invasion Of Privacy


There are few events in life more intimate than that of medical procedures. You might naturally expect to have your privacy respected when being prepped and during surgical and medical procedures like giving birth, having a c-section, cancer surgeries, and more. Unfortunately, the expectation of privacy in situations like those and many more is not a guarantee. When your privacy has been violated, you may be owed money damages. Read on to find out more.

28 July 2019

Surveillance Equipment In Nursing Home Rooms: Common Questions


Nursing home abuse has made the news many times within the last several years. People who entrust the care of their aging or ailing loved ones to these facilities are definitely on high alert. In the technologically advanced world that exists these days, surveillance equipment is more accessible than ever. Knowing these two ideas, it is logical to consider installing a surveillance device in your loved one's nursing home room just to keep an eye on things if you suspect abuse.

20 May 2019

Responding Affirmatively To These Requests Can Harm Your Eventual False Imprisonment Case


When you hire a personal injury attorney to bring a false imprisonment suit against another party — given that false imprisonment belongs to the intentional tort section of personal injury law — one of the big questions that you'll need to answer is whether you were allowed to leave the premises. If the incident took place in a store, and you were falsely detained under the assumption that you'd shoplifted something, your inability to leave the store may mean that the staff falsely imprisoned you.

22 April 2019

Kitchen Appliance Injuries 101


It's no surprise, with as hectic and busy as life is, that the kitchen appliances that tout convenience and speed have become popular in recent years. Pressure cookers were commonly used in years past to preserve food in glass jars. Now, their "instant" modern-day counterparts are used by families everywhere to quickly pressure cook roasts and other foods in far less time than conventional cooking methods would take to prepare them. Unfortunately, some brands and models of these instant pressure cookers have proven to have design flaws which cause them to malfunction.

6 March 2019

How Personal Injury Attorneys Recommend Responding To Severe Auto Collisions


Auto accidents are extremely stressful to deal with, especially when you did nothing wrong. If you're in this situation and significant injuries resulted, you'll want to respond by utilizing the following legal advice from personal injury attorneys.  File an Accident Report  So that this entire auto collision goes in the books, you need to make an official report with the police. This report shows that the accident is real and documents what happened, which you'll need when pursuing legal action against the driver who hit you.

23 January 2019

What You Shouldn't Do If You Get Pulled Over for a DUI


If you have ever gotten behind the wheel after having a few drinks, you should know the risks you are taking in doing so. One of those potential consequences is getting pulled over for a DUI offense. This is a risk that you take any time you drive after consuming alcohol. If you have never been pulled over for a DUI, you may be wondering how to handle the situation if you do get pulled over.

24 October 2018

3 Tips For Negotiating Pain And Suffering After An Auto Accident


You will face many challenges following an auto accident. It will take time to recover from any injuries sustained in the accident, you may find yourself unable to work, and you will have to deal with the emotional trauma an auto accident can cause. Your pain and suffering could qualify for financial reimbursement if you intend to take legal action after your auto accident. Negotiating with an insurance adjuster to secure a financial settlement for pain and suffering can be a taxing process.

22 September 2018